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Integration Tool for Epicor ERP

Integration Tool name "MIT" provides a fully automated and integrated system that simplifies data sharing and removes the roadblocks for the seamless exchange of information, by providing Rules and Validations. it simplify mapping to external source to Epicor entities.

  • MIT only uses existing Epicor components to execute Epicor business logic. i.e. There are no separate business components created or written to handle default Epicor business processes.
  • Simple data mapping makes it easy for a user to map data fields according their needs.
  • User can set Rules and Validation to verify the Incoming Data that is coming from source.
  • MIT includes all the Business modules that are in Epicor and can be further enhance to incorporate additional modules.
  • In an Integration process where any application needs to exchange data with Epicor through some common platform, MIT makes it easy to automate the process.
  • MIT uses the application logic to ensure security, data integrity and optimal performance.
  • Sample templates of Incoming data can be created easily. This helps the user to understand the field required for data import.
  • MIT gives full control to the user with easy to use facilities on each module, from Master file Import to Invoices and Sales Order to Purchase Order and Quantity Adjustments.
  • With its Multi-Threaded approach, MIT can process more than one module at the same time.

Service Overview

Specialized in Epicor ERP and iScala Technical Consultancy as well as carry system integration and customized software development projects.


  • Epicor Technical Consultancy
  • iScala Technical Consultancy
  • System Integration
  • Software Developement
  • Web Services, SOA Implementation
  • ERP Support Contracts
  • Undertake Outsourced Projects

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