Approval Module for Epicor ERP

A customized Epicor ERP Approval Module is created for General Ledger journals and supply chain modules including approval for Purchase Orders, AP invoices and AP payments, where a user enters the transaction and submits for approval.

  • Escalation of approval can be setup based on the chart of account and all applicable account segments for multiple books as well as multiple COA.

  • The approval module is configured for Epicor multi-Company functionality.

  • Complex transactions amount limits (matrix) with complex multi-approver setup can be easily configured through Routing Rule setup.

  • Bank wise AP payments approval can be handled.

  • Approver amount up to 17 digit i.e. One hundred quadrillion is handled.

  • Transactions with multi-currency functionality and desired approval hierarchy.

  • Alternate Approver can be setup for a specific validity period if any of the approvers are on leave.

  • Approval Module uses Epicor ERP Customization tools, native C# coding and user defined tables.
  • At any time, authorized users are able to track the status of the transactions submitted for approval.

  • Users are able to trace complete information of the approvals that have already taken place as well as any pending approvals at any given point in time.

  • Only authorized approvers or disapprovers can see or approve/disapprove the transactions.

  • Multiple records can be approved/disapproved at one go.

  • In addition to the ability of tracking transaction approvals or disapprovals, the history of all changes to configuration is maintained as Audit Trail.

  • While approving or disapproving the transaction, the approver can drill down to the source Epicor transaction to verify details of the transaction. It uses default as well as customized Trackers.

  • While approving or disapproving, the approver can sort or summarize the listed approval transactions.